One of the biggest names in the American Country music, winner of multiple music awards, TOBY KEITH performed a historical live concert in Riyadh, capital of The Kindgom of Saudi Arabia. The concert was the first public performance by any musician in the country in the last 2 decades. Toby was joined on stage by the local popular musician RABEH SAQER. To symbolize friendship and unity between the two nations, during the show there was an element of collaboration between the 2 artists, when Toby performed a guitar part on one song of Rabeh and Rabeh performed Arabian oud (lute) part on one of the Toby's songs. The collaboration was very warm welcomed by the attendees of the concert.

The talent booking side of Toby Keith was handled by Next Level Agency, in collaboration with partner in the region - MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Network).  

See a short video from the show: